Pernelle: “You can never be too cute! Personally I like to don my ‘cuteness’ by wearing my Hebona, but Syphiki here is just cute by nature!”

Syphiki: “Please stop.”

He came to Taillteann and Tara to round up all the Alchemists. Told us somethin’ about 3 new abilities that would help us, but personally I’ve only taken liking to one.


ahhhh yes I have been wanting to do this with jen’s super cute characters forever and my time has finally come

a response to this.


((I haven’t been able to greet althie formally so have a little itty bitty doodle of syph and Pern saying hello!))

Happy Valentines Day!

Pernelle: “Ah!! You’re such a sweetie, mister, thank you! We’ll cherish your little Valentine’s Day forever! Isn’t that right, Syphiki? … Syphiki? Aw, are you flattered, too~?”

Syphiki: “H-hush…” 

Pernelle: “Sometimes, I wonder if he does anything fun.”

Syphiki: “Hey.”

Syphiki: “Why don’t we add… Einhart to this list, too?”

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"I don’t think you want to see my Alchemy experiences… I couldn’t handle the Crystals when they were compact into one simple crystal, what makes you think I can handle 4 crystals meshed together..?”

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Syphiki: “Honestly, show some more decency! You’re worse than any other girl I’ve met!”

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